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The HFSLIP File-Checker will inspect the HFSLIP-folders for missing updates (security and optional) and will also report unknown and obsolete updates. This tool will help you to identify old updates which are replaced by newer updates.

How to use the file-checker

  1. download and extract the zip-archive to the HFSLIP-main-folder
  2. Run hfslipfc.cmd (when running the first time, a hfslip.ini will be created)
  3. Open the hfslipfc.ini and enter your options
  4. Run hfslipfc again to start the file-check


The file-checker contains the current update-list for Windows XP, Windows 2000 or Office 2003 Professional. The Windows 2000-extension is created by Parseus. In case of questions look here. Extract the files to the HFSLIP-main-folder.

Windows XP

Windows 2000

Office 2003 Professional

HFSLIPFC v.2013/01/06 with WindowsXP-update-list v.2014/07/04

HFSLIPFC v.2013/01/06 with Windows2000-update-list v.2012/02/19b

HFSLIPFC v.2013/01/06 with Office2003-update-list v.2013/11/21


For Windows XP the file-checker needs filever.exe for checking the version of some files. In case that SOURCE\SUPPORT\TOOLS\SUPPORT.CAB is available, filever.exe will be extracted automatically to HFTOOLS. If you removed SUPPORT.CAB in order to save space, you should extract manually filever.exe to HFTOOLS.

If you want to use the automatic update-check, I recommend wget.exe v.1.11.4 (put it in folder HFTOOLS) from Bart Puype.

Example output of the file-checker

File-Checker (v.2010/07/21) for HFSLIP
See following site for further details:
HFSLIPFC will report missing, obsolete and
unknown updates for Windows.
Start this from your HFSLIP-folder.
configuration-file: hfslipfc.ini
extension-file: hfslipfc-XP.cmd (v.2010/08/13)
----- Operation-System specific settings -----
Operating-System included in SOURCE: Windows XP SP3
Language: DEU (DE-DE)
Selected components:
Internet Explorer = 8
Windows Media Player = 11
Remote Desktop Client = 7
Integrate additional MSXML: yes (MSXML4)
Media Player 11 already extracted in HF\WMP11: no
DirectX 9 already extracted in HFCABS: no
Update-Sites: (no)
---------- HFSLIPFC-specific settings ----------
Folders to check: HF\*.*;HFGUIRUNONCE\*.*;HFCABS\*.*;HFSVCPACK_SW1\*.*
Update-lists: hfslipfc-XP.cmd;hfslipfc.ini
List missing security advisories: yes
List not found high-priority updates: yes
List not found optional updates: yes
List not found hotfixes: yes
Write hints for specific updates: no
Create log-file: yes (hfslipfc.log)
Found filever.exe: yes
Download-command: copyfile.cmd
(:-) 2010 Mimo
Found wrong, obsolete or unknown update(s)
obsolete: HF\WindowsXP-KB976098-v2-x86-DEU.exe (Cumulative Time Zone Update, replaced by KB979306)
-- moved to HFSLIPFC.MOV
Found non-existing update(s) for Windows XP SP3
not found (O): HFGUIRUNONCE\messenger.msi (Windows Messenger 5.1)
not found (O): HF\WindowsRightsManagementServicesSP2-KB979099-Client-x86-GER.exe (Rights Management Services Client with SP2)
not found (H): HF\WindowsXP-KB979306-x86-DEU.exe (Cumulative Time Zone Update)
Found non-existing update(s) for Internet Explorer 8
not found (H): HF\IE8-WindowsXP-KB976662-x86-DEU.exe (Improve JSON interoperability regarding ECMAScript 5th edition)
Checking dependencies of KB970430 and KB971737
They need the installed and enabled KB968389.
Checking the version of Adobe Flash Player
Expected version (file=Flash10e.ocx, size=3981080)
Found unexpected version of Adobe Flash Player (HFCABS\
Wrong file: Flash10d.ocx
Checking the Version of Roots Certificates
Expected version 23.0.2195.0 Nov 2009 (size=324008)
Found MS09-053: FTP Service for Internet Information Services
For KB975254 you need HFSLIP 1.7.10 beta D or newer
Found Security Advisory 977377: TLS/SSL
Recommended for server administrators only. For possible side-effects read the kb-article KB977377
Found Windows Media Player 11
When getting problems during text-mode copy-phase, extract the WMP11-installer manually to HF/WMP11