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Here you find information about HFSLIP from www.hfslip.org which is offline now. If you don't find your answer here, please visit to the MSFN-forum.
Please consider that I didn't fixed all download-links in the following pages. Some of these files are downloadable via my update-list.

After the last beta of HFSLIP (version 7.10 beta J) which was released be the original author TommyP), there were some minor changes in this script. Most of these changed were initiated by members of the MSFN-community. Thx to them. I have collected these changed and added them to the script to have one place where others can find the most current version of HFSLIP.

Version Date Description Filename
(1) 2010-01-01 Last release of HFSLIP by the original author TommyP HFSLIP 1.7.10 beta J direct download
2 2010-06-11 TITLE-setting corrected, optimized for the current SWFLASH.CAB (FlashUt*.dll to flash-folder instead of System32). HFSLIP 1.7.10 beta J v2 direct download
3 2010-09-17 Correct handling of KB975558 (mpg4ds32.ax will updated correctly now). Thx to Archeron. HFSLIP 1.7.10 beta J v3 direct download
4 2010-12-20 Fixed output to HHIVADD.TXT. Thx to jinjou. Beta J v4 HFSLIP 1.7.10 beta J v4 direct download
5 2011-05-29 Fixed handling of IE6 cabs when using FDV files. Thx to tomasz86. HFSLIP 1.7.10 beta J v5 direct download
6 2011-10-06 Optimized for Flash Player 11 (control panel icon for Flash Player settings). HFSLIP 1.7.10 beta J v6 direct download
7 2011-11-28 Added slipstreaming MSI 4.5 for Windows 2003 (only if host OS is 2003) and KB979099 (all OS). Thx to Parseus. HFSLIP 1.7.10 beta J v7 direct download
8 2012-04-05 Added support for the new files (update service, control panel) which comes with Flash Player 11.2. HFSLIP 1.7.10 beta J v8 direct download
9 2012-07-03 Fixed handling of newer USP5-versions for Windows 2000. Thx to tomasz86. HFSLIP 1.7.10 beta J v9 direct download
10 2012-08-26 Added support for slipstreaming rvkroots.exe. Thx to Explorer09. HFSLIP 1.7.10 beta J v10 direct download
11 2013-02-07 Added support for HDD- and network-based installations. Thx to Acheron, Beta J v11 HFSLIP 1.7.10 beta J v11 direct download

The last final version of HFSLIP (HFSLIP 1.7.9) is not recommended to use. Probably you will find this version of HFSLIP on one or another download side, but it's recommended to use the most current version - even if it's called "beta".

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