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Here you find information about HFSLIP from www.hfslip.org which is offline now. If you don't find your answer here, please visit to the MSFN-forum.
Please consider that I didn't fixed all download-links in the following pages. Some of these files are downloadable via my update-list.


HFSLIP is an open source utility designed to update a Windows 2000, XP or 2003 installation source with the latest hotfixes. The binaries (individual files) of fully supported hotfixes are slipstreamed directly. This means that original files are being replaced with the newer versions present in the hotfix executables you can obtain from the Microsoft Download Center. In the rare occasion that a hotfix isn't supported (usually because of it being a non-standard package or requiring a special installation procedure), it is integrated instead. HFSLIP leaves these uncommon hotfixes or updates as they are and places them in the SVCPACK folder, to be installed automatically near the end of Windows setup.

HFSLIP is also capable of slipstreaming...

The HFSLIP project focuses on critical updates reported by the Windows Update or Microsoft Update web sites. All optional updates that show on those sites are currently supported apart from .NET Frameworks.

For experts and "advanced users" alike, HFSLIP offers additional features such as removing Internet Explorer from Windows 2000 (courtesy of Fred Vorck), reduction of your Windows source, individual source file replacement, codecs slipstreaming, support for "Application Addons", and many more. You can learn about these features by reading through this web site, Fred Vorck's site, and the HFSLIP support forum.


HFSLIP's main advantage is its flexibility; the user decides which updates should be included, allowing him or her to create a more personalized installation source. HFSLIP can also slipstream hotfixes into any language of Windows 2000, XP and 2003. HFSLIP is kept as small as possible, and it's "open source" so everyone can see what's going on under the hood.

Does my system qualify to run HFSLIP?

HFSLIP can be run on default installations of Windows 2000 and higher when logged on to an account with administrative privileges. There are no other requirements. You can even slipstream Service Pack 2 into a Windows XP source while running on Windows 2000!

Final note...

HFSLIP and its maintainers are not affiliated with nor endorsed by Microsoft. It is an independent project started by TommyP. The current versions are maintained by TommyP and Tomcat76, and supporters worldwide have contributed to this project.

The target group are "home users".