You want to create an installation CD of Windows 2000/XP/Server 2003 with all current security-updates, optional updates, drivers, IE8, WMP11 etc.? Than you are pretty right here.

On this little site you find information about the slipstreamer HFSLIP for Windows 2000/XP/Server 2003, created by TommyP. HFSLIP will not be maintained anymore by the creator TommyP. But fortunately the current version of HFSLIP is very stable and there is a good forum for the users of HFSLIP.

Windows XP

In this section you find a list of all relevant updates for Windows XP SP3, including Adobe Flash Player. This information here is a summary of several sources. If you want to be informed about the latest updates, you should visit frequently this list.

Because I just use Windows XP, I don't offer update-lists for other Windows versions. If you want to use HFSLIP for Windows 2000 or Windows Server 2003, look here for the corresponding update-list.

Office 2003 Professional

Here you find current updates for Office 2003 Professional (CD1). The slipstreaming-process is not done by HFSLIP but by a script written by myself. You can download it also from the update-list.


To manage your updates and keep them on an actual state could be a very hard job. To reduce this amount of work, I've written a small tool – the file-checker HFSLIPFC – which helps you to keep your update-folders in sync to what is listed in the update lists. You can use the online-update (deactivated by default) to have always the current update-list for the file-checker.


But because the original web-site www.hfslip.org is down, you can find here some information from that site. Please consider that I didn't modified the download-links in these pages. In case of broken links, try download the files via my Windows XP update-list.