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This update-list contains the most current updates which can be slipstreamed by HFSLIPO2003 into an Office 2003 installation-CD. If you expect an update which is not on the list, please read the change log of this list. There you can find the information why an update is not listed here.

How to use this list

  1. Use table 1 to get Service Pack 3 (if your source doesn't contains it already).
  2. From table 2 you should take all security updates.
  3. Select non-security updates for office from (table 3)
  4. Make HFSLIPO2003 work by taking additional files from table 4.
  5. Using the file-checker is recommended to check the updates in the HFSLIPO2003-subfolders.  

Table 1: Service Pack 3 for Office 2003

Date Description Category Article File Folder
2007-09 Service Pack 3 for Office 2003 Critical KB923618 Office2003SP3-KB923618-FullFile-XXX.exe HF

Table 2: Security updates

Date Description Category Article File Folder
2008-02 MS08-011: Works File Converter Moderate KB943973 office2003-KB943973-FullFile-XXX.exe HF
2008-08 MS08-041: ActiveX Control for the Snapshot Viewer for Access Critical KB955439 office2003-KB955439-FullFile-XXX.exe HF
2009-08 MS09-043: Office Web Components Critical KB947319 office2003-KB947319-FullFile-XXX.exe HF
2010-06 MS10-039: SharePoint (InfoPath) Important KB980923 office2003-KB980923-FullFile-XXX.exe HF
2010-07 MS10-044: Microsoft Office Access ActiveX Controls Critical KB981716 office2003-KB981716-FullFile-XXX.exe HF
2010-07 MS10-045: Microsoft Office Outlook
The optional KB2449798 replaces the security update KB980373.
Important KB980373 office2003-KB980373-FullFile-XXX.exe HF
2010-09 MS10-063: Unicode Scripts Processor Important KB2288613 office2003-KB2288613-FullFile-XXX.exe HF
2010-09 MS10-064: Microsoft Office Outlook Important KB2293428 office2003-KB2293428-FullFile-XXX.exe HF
2010-12 MS10-105: Microsoft Office Graphics Filters Important KB2289163 office2003-KB2289163-FullFile-XXX.exe HF
2011-05 MS11-036: Microsoft PowerPoint Important KB2535812 office2003-KB2535812-FullFile-XXX.exe HF
2011-07 MS11-055: Visio
This security update will also be offered for Office without Visio (see FAQ #2 of the security bulletin).
Important KB2493523 office2003-KB2493523-FullFile-XXX.exe HF
2012-07 MS12-046: Visual Basic for Applications Important KB2687626 office2003-KB2687626-FullFile-XXX.exe HF
2012-08 MS12-060: Windows Common Controls Critical KB2726929 office2003-KB2726929-FullFile-XXX.exe HF
2013-01 MS13-002: Microsoft XML Core Services 5.0 Critical KB2760574 office2003-KB2760574-FullFile-XXX.exe HF
2013-05 MS13-042: Microsoft Publisher Important KB2810047 office2003-KB2810047-FullFile-XXX.exe HF
2013-07 MS13-054: GDI+ Important KB2817480 office2003-KB2817480-FullFile-XXX.exe HF
2013-09 MS13-072: Microsoft Office Important KB2817474 office2003-KB2817474-FullFile-XXX.exe HF
2013-09 MS13-073: Excel Important KB2810048 office2003-KB2810048-FullFile-XXX.exe HF
2013-09 MS13-078: FrontPage
The KB2825621 update is also offered to people who don't have FrontPage 2003. This is because KB2825621 patches a common file in the Office 2003 suite.
Important KB2825621 office2003-KB2825621-FullFile-XXX.exe HF
2013-10 MS13-086: Microsoft Word Important KB2826020 office2003-KB2826020-FullFile-XXX.exe HF
2013-11 MS13-091: File Format Converters Important KB2760494 office2003-KB2760494-FullFile-XXX.exe HF
*) The severity of security-updates is defined in the security bulletin.

Table 3: Non-security updates

Date Description Category Article File Folder
2005-11 Update for Microsoft Office Excel 2003 and for Word 2003
This update corrects a potential problem in which an add-in, a smart tag, or a smart document may not load if it uses the Microsoft .NET Framework 2.0.
High-Priority KB907417 office2003-KB907417-FullFile-XXX.exe HF
2007-11 Update for Microsoft Office 2003
Critical Update for Office 2003 (KB943452) addresses an issue in Office 2003 where uninstall and repair of Office behave unexpectedly after Service Pack 3 has been installed.
High-Priority KB943452 office2003-KB943452-FullFile-XXX.exe (only for NLD, FRA, DEU, ITA, PTB, ESN and SVE. Not needed for other language-versions of Office) HF
2008-09 Update for Outlook 2003
This update provides holidays for the Microsoft Office Outlook 2003 calendar for the years 2007 through 2012.
If you have IND, MSL, URD, or VIT language-versions of Office, download and use the ENU version instead. Do NOT use updates of IND, MSL, URD, or VIT for slipstreaming! The OUTLOOK.HOL included in these languages are incomplete entries and might corrupt your holiday file.
Optional KB924423 office2003-KB924423-v2-FullFile-XXX.exe HF
2009-12 Update for Microsoft Office 2003
This update resolves an inability to open and save Office 2003 documents protected with Rights Management Service (RMS).
High-Priority KB978551 office2003-KB978551-FullFile-ENU.exe (only in English for all language-versions of Office) HF
2010-10 Update for Microsoft Office 2003
Fix for MS10-060: Active Template Library (ATL) ActiveX Controls. It will be listed by MU even when MS10-060 was obsolete / not used.
High-Priority KB974554 office2003-KB974554-FullFile-XXX.exe HF
2010-12 Update for Microsoft Office Outlook 2003
This update (KB953432) resolves an issue where Microsoft Office Outlook 2003 behaves unexpectedly in some circumstances.
The optional KB2449798 replaces the security update KB980373.
High-Priority KB2449798 office2003-KB2449798-FullFile-XXX.exe HF
2011-06 Update for Microsoft Office 2003
This update provides the latest fixes to Microsoft Office 2003. Additionally, this update adds support for the new Indian rupee currency symbol.
High-Priority KB2539581 office2003-KB2539581-FullFile-XXX.exe HF
2013-11 Update for Microsoft Office Outlook 2003 Junk Email Filter
This update provides the Junk E-mail Filter in Microsoft Office Outlook 2003 with a more current definition of which e-mail messages should be considered junk e-mail.
High-Priority KBKB2849999 office2003-KB2849999-FullFile-XXX.exe HF

Table 4: Files used by HFSLIPO2003

Date Description Category Article File Folder
2011-01 HFSLIPO2003
The office 2003 update-slipstreamer.
hfslipo2003 v.11/01/10.cmd direct download (extract it from zip)
cdimage.exe 2.52
When HFSLIPO2003 shall create an ISO-file (CD-Image).
Optional cdimage.exe direct download (extract it from zip) HFTOOLS